The benefits of hydrophobic materials

Another DNA damage experiment that I’ve been trying to get working in our lab is called the gamma-H2AX assay. And if you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you’ll know that back in late February I travelled to Oxford to learn the technique at one of the Public Health England labs. This assay… Continue reading The benefits of hydrophobic materials

Paper feature: plastic pollution in the soil

As promised, today is my first feature – a summary of an interesting science paper I’ve read. Because this week we have had World Environment Day and today is actually World Oceans Day, I wanted to talk about something I have read related to that. Nearly every news site this week has been reporting on… Continue reading Paper feature: plastic pollution in the soil

Isolating cells from a skin biopsy

Last week I started a really exciting experiment using a skin biopsy…! For any experiments using human samples, scientists have to seek approval first from an ethics committee to ensure that volunteers, samples and data will all be handled correctly or ‘ethically’. For even a small saliva sample, ethics approval is necessary before carrying out any… Continue reading Isolating cells from a skin biopsy

Jodrell Bank Observatory

Whilst visiting Manchester for Easter we popped over to Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre in Macclesfield, Cheshire. Jodrell Bank is a University of Manchester observatory that is open to the public to find out about the work that takes place there. The site is home to the Lovell Telescope – the third largest radio telescope in… Continue reading Jodrell Bank Observatory