Happy New Year! Looking forward and back [Part 2 – 2019 goals]

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After my reflection on all of my achievements of 2018 in my previous post, I’ve been thinking about my goals for 2019. Perhaps not surprisingly, the initial list I scribbled down of goals was much longer then the list I had for my achievements but I’ve managed to shorten my list down to 5 main goals for this year…


1. Blog regularly

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I really want to keep up regular blog posts this year. The end of 2018 has thrown a lot at me in terms of work-load so I am a bit more aware now of how much stuff I can realistically get done during the week. I think it will help me to plan a little better what and when I will post on my blog. I am aiming to post at least once a week now, but would like to post a little more often when things start to become a habit.


2. Learn a new language

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At school I took Spanish as a GCSE and really enjoyed it, but after finishing school I had forgotten most of what I learnt as I never had a chance to practice. When you work in a lab, there is such a massive diversity of cultures and languages that I have really started to feel ignorant to the fact that I only know one. So I would really like to start learning Spanish again and I hope by the end of this year I can at least engage in some Spanish conversation!


3. Keep my laptop and desk organised

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Okay so this might sound like such a rubbish goal, but coming back from the Christmas holidays to a tidy desk and lab bench has made me feel much more ordered and prepared to work. I think it’s because I no longer have that feeling in the back of my brain, nagging me to tidy up at some point. I’m definitely going to pencil in some time each month to have a good clear up and organise my files. As the saying goes… tidy house, tidy mind!


4. Become a published author…

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As a scientist it is super important to publish your research findings as an academic paper in journals in order to share your work with the rest of the scientific community. Now this is usually easier said than done – you’re relying on the fact that you actually have reliable data to publish and that it will pass the strict critiquing of journal reviewers. And so many scientists choose to write reviews of specific scientific areas, commenting on the history of the research and how the field might progress. At the end of last year I was asked to co-author a short review article for an upcoming special edition of a journal. I am so excited – it will be my first ever published, and so I have made it into a very realistic goal for 2019!


5. Collect more data!

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Probably one of the biggest goals in terms of completing my PhD is collecting more data. I feel like I am nearly there in terms of optimising my experiments and so I really would like to be ready to dive right into lots of data collection by the summer. The more I can get done this year, the easier things should be when I move into my final year in the lab.



What do you think to my goals for 2019 and have you set any for yourself this year? Let me know in the comments below ↓ 

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