My monthly feature… decided!

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Hello everyone! Sorry that I have been a little quiet here lately – lab work has picked up the pace a bit and so I’m still trying to adjust to balancing everything. Unfortunately it was my blog that had to take the backseat, but I’ll try and get back into posting regularly… pinky promise!

A few weeks ago I asked everyone’s opinion on whether I should write a monthly feature, and what it should be on if I did. I couldn’t decide whether to write a book review feature or talk about an interesting science paper I had recently read. I’m still undecided and I’ve had people interested in both ideas, so I will do both and see what works best!

I’ve chosen to post my monthly features on both the second and last Fridays of every month. On the second Friday I will give a science paper summary, and my science book review on the last. That way I can get the feature posts out to you all more regularly, and you can expect when to read the next one. I’ll also try to figure out the calendar widget on my homepage so that I can highlight my feature posts there. And then the posts will also be a lot easier to navigate to for those that like to keep up to date with them.

As always, I really value any feedback you guys have about my posts or website, so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of the page, get in touch via my contact page, or message me on social media!

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