A monthly feature?


I’ve finally hit the 10 post mark on my blog now and I’m super proud of myself for reaching this milestone. I’ve always been really keen to engage with people about science through writing a blog, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been challenging at times to remember to regularly update you all on what I’m up to.

After reading posts and getting ideas from some of my favourite science bloggers I thought it would be nice to create a ‘feature’ on my blog – a regular monthly post about something specific. Not only will it be a nice little digression from my posts about my own experiments, I think it will slowly help me to get into a better routine of writing.

I’ve been trying to come up with some ideas about what this feature should be. My first idea was to write a summary of an interesting science paper that may have been in the news or of interest lately to give you a better idea of the sorts of experiments that were done. News articles are really good for getting the general gist of an important science discovery, but they never go into much detail about how those conclusions were made. For those a bit more interested in science it might be nice to read about these details in my feature…

My second idea was to write a review for a science book that’s aimed at those interested in science (but not necessarily experts) and let you guys know whether I think it is worth a read or not. Outside of science journals I really don’t do enough reading in my spare time, so this idea would definitely encourage me to read more.

But I know there are plenty other ideas for features out there. What do you guys think about a monthly feature? Would a book/paper review be interesting to read? Or maybe you have other ideas? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section underneath… 😊

6 thoughts on “A monthly feature?”

  1. Book review would be great, I am always looking for decent Pop-Sci books. There are a lot of books that are not worth the time in the genre, the gems are what I am looking for.


      1. Anything in the science genre really, I am currently reading Cosmos by Carl Sagan. Next-up I have A Brief History of Time by the late Stephen Hawking


  2. I’d love to hear from you on what a day in the laboratory is like, and what you usually get up to. I think it’d help to uncover what goes on behind closed doors, so to speak.

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    1. Yes, this is definitely something I aim to write more about 🙂 at the moment lab work is off to a slow start whilst I’m planning all of my experiments and getting in as much training as possible whilst I can. I’ll definitely be posting some more on the science-y things I’ve been up to soon… promise! 😀


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